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Online Ordering Platform.

The Opportunity.

With the world transforming into a digital era, having an online presence for a restaurant became a must. Restaurants needed a way to remotely operate the daily operations of their business and ensure that the customers get the best experience from the moment they order until their meal is done.

There wasn’t a clear solution for restaurants to go digital without incurring a large upfront cost or sacrificing a massive amount from the profit as commission. There wasn’t a clear solution until we introduced Spritzer!

Our Solution.

Spritzer is a customizable, scalable & hosted software that allows the restaurateur to manage their operations on this platform. The product consists of,

A website that you can customize by adding your logo, brand colours and other information. This website will allow your customers to place orders and make a payment through the integrated payment gateway. This unique feature allows you to have your own website that will improve your online presence and brand image!

An admin dashboard for you to track all incoming orders, change your menu with pricing & new photos, offer discounts and so much more. This dashboard is accessible through both web and mobile app, making it the most convenient way of managing your restaurant remotely!


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Dine In


Online Ordering Platform.

The online ordering platform is a website that can be linked to your own URL and customers can visit and place orders. They can see photos of the food, read a description and fully customize their orders with add-ons.

Integrated Payment Gateway / Online Payments.

We have integrated both local and international internet payment gateways to enable merchants to accept online orders from cutomers anywhere in the world.

Dine-in Solution.

The restaurant industry took a big hit with the COVID-19 virus spreading worldwide. We as a company wanted to address this issue and offer a solution that would minimize the damage made by the pandemic to the restaurant industry.

With the safety regulations in the country asking people to minimize contact with outsiders as much as possible, we came up with a solution for dine-in customers to place an order and pay without interacting with any staff.

You can generate a unique QR code for each table which a customer can then scan to be directed to your website. Once the customer has placed an order, it will be sent to the dashboard with the table number. While being a feature implemented for safety guidelines, this feature makes the ordering process convenient for the customer and makes offers a smoother experience overall.

Technology Used.

Spritzer is a lightweight website built in ReactJs.
Backend services build on Java and MySQL to ensure enterprise-grade data integrity and robustness


  • Initiated in Australia as a happy hour app

  • 100+ restaurants onboarded in Australia

  • Implemented the happy hour app in Sri Lanka

  • 1st lockdown due to COVID-19

  • We pivoted and created a new online ordering system to support local restaurants

  • Fully-fledged restaurant management system was implemented

  • The QR code dine-in ordering feature was introduced

  • Promotions and discounts are enabled for restaurants to use

  • Integration of Spritzer with the POS system in restaurants

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