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Remote Technical Teams

We provide expert onshore and offshore staff augmentation services as we understand that trying to manage the entire product development process while finding the right people for the job can be complicated, to say the least.

We will help you reduce your operating costs while giving you access to a huge talent pool. Your remote team will be located in one of our R&D centres, exclusively designated to the development of your product. Expand your margins and technical expertise by having skilled and affordable talent. We provide remote teams from Colombo, Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Australia.

  • Avoid high costs
  • No administrative burden
  • Access to global talent
  • Improve productivity
  • Stay connected with your team

What you get.

A flexible and scalable team.
Stay Connected

Complete access and control to the right technical experts and reliable communication and channels to stay connected with your team.

Efficient Processes

Accommodate your team via a streamlined process. Our in-house experts will share expertise and ensure smooth set up.

Managed HR

Recruit onshore and offshore talent to improve your competitive edge. All administrative tasks including office spaces, devices and payroll will be completely managed by us.

Cost Efficient

Find the ideal team no matter what your budget constraints will be.


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