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Online matrimonial system.

The Opportunity.

The concept of arranged marriages or proposals is still a big part of Sri Lankan culture. The process of doing it is by placing your advertisement in the newspaper but we’re reaching an era where everything is digitized and the newspapers are becoming obsolete. With newspapers gone, how can the concept of arranged marriages and proposals continue in a safe and successful manner?

Our Solution.

Poruwa.lk is the only privacy-focused matrimony website for Sri Lankans. The website has been built in accordance with global standards and with utmost priority for privacy and data security. We believed that we needed to create a way for anyone to go through the process of finding their partner online, safely and conveniently.


We created a feature-rich platform for people to place their ads online and connect with other like-minded people. The basic details of the ads created on the platform will be displayed. Note that these details will not reveal the identity of the person.

Search and Filtering

We have created a convenient filtering system that allows the user to filter from thousands of ads depending on their requirements and preference.

Messaging Feature

We provide an encrypted, real-time messaging platform for Poruwa.lk advertisers to communicate and share details in a safe and private space.


When a user finds a person they like, they can send a message as an interest request to that person. The recipient can view the basic details of the sender and decide to either accept or reject the request. Once accepted, it becomes a match and the users are allowed to share private information with each other.

Virtual Agent

We understand that there are people who are not tech-savvy but would still like to use our service. We implemented the virtual agent system to enable customers to call us on our hotline and get their ad created by one of our agents.

Uploading Photos

We have enabled the option of uploading photos when a user creates an ad but these photos are not displayed publicly. These photos are revealed only after two profiles are matched and only if both profiles have uploaded photos. We have gone above and beyond in creating a safe environment for all of our users.


Keeping with the intention of reaching out to more people with our product, we publish a monthly magazine that goes out to the people that have created ads on Poruwa.lk.

Technology Used.

Poruwa.lk uses material UI with React for the best user experience
Backend built on Kotlin to allow complex business logic to be implemented in an extremely concise manner.
Microservice architecture to allow horizontal scaling as website traffic increases.


  • Poruwa.lk is launched

  • Reached 5,000+ matches

  • Messaging feature

  • Printed and distributed our first magazine

  • Reached 20,000+ matches

  • Virtual agent is implemented

  • Currently at 80,000+ matches

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