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Sri Lankan Stock Images.

The Opportunity.

The concept of purchasing and selling stock images is rarely acknowledged in Sri Lanka. The photographers do not have a proper platform to market their content and the consumers aren’t aware of a place to purchase them. Often, people would google and get photos due to the lack of such a platform. This can raise multiple copyright issues and would be a hassle for both the consumer and photographer.

Our Solution.

We built a marketplace for stock images. There are 1000s of stock image websites all over the world but what makes us unique is that we specialize in Sri Lankan stock images. This is the only platform for photographers to showcase their portfolio of traditional and cultural Sri Lankan captures.

For consumers, pix.lk offers the best quality, royalty-free stock images with a Sri Lankan touch for nearly any application. From wildlife to traditional events to historical places, when you need the perfect stock image for your website or blog, we got you covered.


Photographers can maintain their portfolio on Pix.lk to be shared anywhere.
Distribute and sell your creative photos while maintaining copyrights.
High-quality photos can be found for any business purpose, websites, blogs etc.
The largest collection of Sri Lankan traditional and cultural photos.

Technology Used.

Pix.lk uses open-source image manipulation software to process high loads of image data.
Microservice architecture to distribute workloads among multiple servers and to avoid vertical scaling.

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