Serendib Systems

About Us.

Serendib Systems was founded in 2017 by two Sri Lankans passionate about addressing real issues and providing digital solutions to improve the quality of living for people. We started our portfolio of projects and products by working with clients and providing exceptional digital solutions. The first major project being “Traventy” which was done by partnering with a Sri Lankan client living in Australia at the moment.

After few more projects with clients, we launched our own product call Spritzer which is an online ordering solution for the restaurant industry. We onboarded 100+ restaurants in Australia and this product was a crucial part of our success as a software development company.

In 2019, we registered Serendib Systems and branched out to Sri Lanka. We started operations in Sri Lanka with another successful project named “” which is the only privacy-focused matrimony service for Sri Lankans. We implemented Sprizter in Sri Lanka as well but due to COVID-19, we had to pivot and create a better solution that is more suitable for the restaurant industry in the current context. With the success of and Spritzer, we implemented more products such as, SMS160 etc. We are a proud set of individuals that strongly believe in delivering meticulously built software solutions to any industry.


“ We build meticulously crafted globally scalable tech solutions that address real issues to improve the quality of life! ”

Our Unique Values.

Powerful. Flexible. Scalable.

We ensure that every team member is being accountable for their role and we, as a company is accountable for all projects that we undertake.


We believe that crystal clear communication between our team and with all stakeholders is crucial in delivering the best possible outcome.


We believe in being consistently invested in any project that we undertake until the end.


We believe in grooming all employees to become great leaders which in turn would be reflected in all of our products and services.


Interested in joining us?

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