.NET Developer

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Full time

Job Purpose

Design, develop, deploy and maintain software systems and applications. Assist in the management of junior and intermediate developers.

  • Display adequate proficiency in the required technology stack
  • Attend technical implementation issues
  • Ensure familiarity with the project reference architecture
  • Identify gaps and work with the team to update
  • Transfer technical and agile process knowledge to team members
  • Ensure that tickets are up to date and that you move your tickets in terms of status and comment on the ticket where relevant
  • Take ownership of stories, tasks, and all related development activities to complete the assigned work
  • Manage assigned story and task statuses, comments, and updates from start to finish
  • Ensure pull requests are reviewed and that the changes are applied to the test environment as expected
  • Proactively follow up with QA to ensure your work is complete and that all bugs have been addressed
  • Adhere to good technical practices which include: unit testing, integration testing, dependency injection, monitoring, and logging
  • Identify practices that aren't effective and suggest changes
  • Review pull requests as the highest priority and participate by commenting and asking for clarifications
  • Deploy approved changes to target environments
  • Own the build and release configuration or process
  • Fix builds broken as a result of your pull requests
  • Communicate the release change list to PM and client
  • Execute development tasks in line with the Technical Lead/Architect's solution and the team's project planning activities
  • Where required, take responsibility for defining the solution for a specific feature
  • IT Diploma/Certification/ Degree OR relevant programming experience of 5+ years
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